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You may have noticed. I haven't asked for ANY personal info from you. You haven't been asked to sign-up for anything . . . other than donations to help keep the site online. Even then, your info is completely safe and totally secure at Paypal. I never see much of it, nor do I need to. That's why I use paypal! Paypal is a very large, 100% reputable, responsible company with the means to secure and protect your personal data safely. They're probably much safer for processing credit cards than your local restaurant or gas station. That's why I use Paypal. I don't WANT the responsibility of handling your data or your personal info!

I'm NOT a data-miner and I don't want any part of that side of the Web and Internet. I don't do lists. I don't do cookies; I don't do tracking; or none of that. Promoting, hustling and hassling people in order to make a buck, isn't what I'm about.

I'm only out here because I have a lifetime of extremely valuable knowledge to share. I know I can make the way a LOT easier for the younger generations coming-up. I feel a huge responsibility to share my gifts of drumming and teaching knowedge as freely as I can 'afford' to share it. I'm aware that after a complete lifetime of playing and teaching, I can impart almost all of my hard-learned knowledge in as little as six-months to 2-years; benefitting most students, immensely.

Consequently, their careers will begin with the knwoledge that took me almost 62 years to acummulate (the hard way). Many of those students will be destined to achieve greater professional strides than I did, as a result of gaining a 62 year head-start. That's really the only reason I need, for doing all this.

Anyway; the only time I'll need any of your personal info, will be to send you things you've asked for, or to send you your passwords. (I'll need your e-mail address for that.) Then, I only hang on to your e-mail addresses as a matter of record and if we are involved in continuing friendly communication. Otherwise, the e-mail addresses often disappear on the ever growing pile of yesterday's e-mail.

If you don't e-mail me, I won't be e-mailing you. But, if you do, I'll respond as quickly as I can, with all the help and answers you may be seeking. I will almost always respond on the same-day . . . unless something is wrong on this end.

When I do respond, there won't be any strings attached. I'll just send the help you need, if you ask for it and that will be the end of it.

So, you can stop worrying about invasions of your privacy. It won't happen here. This site is here because I want to share what I know. It'll be here until I can no longer pay out-of-pocket to keep it going. If people appreciate it, then this thing should pay its own way. if it doesn't do that, blame yourselves: it'll disappear.

I do hope to pass this web site along to my heirs after I'm gone, if it is still paying it's own way. I'm now well into my 70s. I would hope to see it stay online forever. But' if doesn't pay its way, it'll fade to black, when I do. However; if it is paying its own way, it'll more or less go on automatic, (I hope, forever).

Much will depend on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask.

I know it's a lot to ask, but good link-backs to this site will influence the search-engines more than anything. If you can provide link-backs to the public web site please do it. A good link-back is probably MORE valuble to the future of this web site than the donations! Therefore; ANYONE who can provide a link-back to will qualify as a paid member, as long as I can beat a drum. I'll promise you free access to everything!


Simply copy and paste the entire following code to your own web pages:

Excellent and totally FREE drumset lessons online (no tricks or gimmicks). Beginner thru Ultra-Advanced lessons will help anyone quickly achieve Monster Drummer status. Bill Powelson's Homestudy Institute of Drums at: <a href="http://www.studydrums.com">WWW.STUDYDRUMS.COM</a>

These lessons need to be easily accessible to everyone, indefinitely! I know in my heart that it's the easiest, fastest and BEST way on earth to learn and develop the art of drumming.

My e-book, "Finite to Infinity" goes several hundred years into the future of song-beat rhythms and drumming possibilities. It shines a brilliant beacon on what is yet to come (rhythmically), many, many years from now. That info will never become outdated, even if drummers and drum-sets disappear, (only to be replaced by big, green, "Go" button).

"Finite to Infinity" may actually help speed up the evolution of music and drumming, . . . if anyone ever reads it, then puts what it teaches into practice.

Paid Members: Don't worry! The downloads are almost exact replicas of the password site. Once you have the downloads, they're yours! For you, it will be as if the site is perpetually up and running, but you won't have to go online to study. The only people who will miss-out, are those who DIDN'T DONATE; in order to get access to the downloads.

Anyway, if you are worried about your privacy: Don't! It's a non-issue when you are here. You have my word, my promise and my guarantee on that.

~ Bill Powelson, (aka; W.E. Powelson - at Smashwords.com - to those who read my other books).