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  1. Latino drumset lesson #1: Rimshot techniques Just in case you don't know what I'm talking about when I mention Layover Rimshots or Power Rimshots. You will want to master at least rimshot type #1 and #2. Type #3 is actually called a cross-stick, but it sounds like a rimshot.
  2. Latino drumset lesson #2: Cha-Cha It's old, but every drummer needs it sooner or later! It's a classic beat pattern and it turns-up in all music styles. Don't miss it!
  3. Latino drumset lesson #3: Bossa-Nova: Now matter how old it gets, this one still cooks!
  4. Latino drumset lesson #4: Calypso: An old name for some very new movements in Caribbean rhythms. This somewhat simple pattern will also help prepare you for the more complex Latin beat patterns to follow.
  5. Latino drumset lesson #5: Lambada / Calypso: I've heard this one called by many street names. It is currently very HOT,HOT,HOT!
  6. Latino drumset lesson #6: Mambo:Another old name for some very valuable patterns! These rhythms may be easily converted to American POP styles by leaving out the rimshots and tom licks. Yes, they make excellent substitutes for beat patterns like Quarter Rock and Cut-Time 2/4. Don't cop-out on these! You need them, no matter what style of music you lean towards!
  7. Latino drumset lesson #7: Merengue: One of my favorite beat patterns. I use it a lot, on many non-Latin songs. It blends well with anything in a quick tempo, quarter-note 4/4, or cut-time 2/4.

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