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All the various (E-BOOK) course downloads are on this web page at the 'Members Only' Password site. Each of the (e-book) additional 4 courses you see advertised in the columns and at the bottom are setup so you'll be able to study them immediately online, by clicking on the e-book-cover/icons. Or; you also have the option to save (download) them to your own computer from here.

There are 5 individual and separate COURSE downloads.

  1. DOWNLOAD #1a: The main 125 lesson course download. It is available two different ways:

    PC USERS: This download is a .exe file. That means it's a no-brainer. Just download it, then find the downloaded file on your system and double click it. It will open automatically. Everything will look very similar to the way it looks online.

    Be smart and safe. Do a virus scan of the file (dl1009k.exe) before you double click it. I'm 99.9999% certain it's okay, but caution is always the best policy with all .exe files.

    DOWNLOAD #1a: the .exe PC version here (Filename: dl1009k.exe). It is approximately 12 megabytes in size.

    DOWNLOAD 1b: MAC USERS and everyone else (Filename: drmles4.zip) If your computer platform (operating system) can not handle .exe files, you will need to download this zipped (archived) version. This version is actually html (aka; web) pages. As you double click any html file, your browser should open automatically and display the file, whether you are online or offline. It is approximately 11.7 megabytes in size.

    VIDEO DISCLAIMER: The videos in these courses are all .wmv files (Windows Media Viewer). See the Video Troubleshooter. for help with this. There may a be an easy fix.

    None of the videos in my courses are necessary anyway. They are helpful, but not crucial to the learning process. These courses were immensely successful throughout the 1990s with no videos at all.

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HOW TO: Download, Manipulate and Use Zipped (or Archived) Files:
There is a procedure to follow with archived or zipped files. Zipped files are just what the name implies. It's a LOT of files zipped into an easy to manage (single) folder, like a zippered briefcase. Once it arrives at it's intended destination, you (the user) will need to unzip (or Extract) it, to use it. In this instance, the briefcase actually contains my various drum course lessons, zipped into a little briefcase that will open and be viewable in its entirety, on your system, with your regular web browser, even when you are off line

1. Download the zipped version of the file(s) or course(s) you want installed on your computer.
2. NEXT: Find the file (on your system).
3. Copy it to a 'special' and 'empty' folder of its own. (Very Important!)
4. Once it is isolated in an (empty) folder of its own, DOUBLE CLICK IT. Most systems today are designed to unzip or extract archived files automatically. Try a RIGHT CLICK and read the pop-out window, if double clicking fails. (Not all software responds the same way.) It should dump the archived files into the (empty) folder. (If this doesn't happen, you'll need to figure-out why and how to unzip an archived file on your particular system.) HELP: Do a Google search for 'How to unzip archived files to "your particular system"', (ie; Mac; WinXX, whatever).
5. THE REST IS EASY! After all the files have 'extracted' (or, unzipped); scroll down the list and find 'index.html', then double click it. That's the main or opening page of the course. Your web browser should open automatically and display the entire course. From then on it will seem as if you are studying online, though you will not need an online connection.

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  1. DOWNLOAD #2a: The Drum Instructor's Guide (dig03.zip). This is and Archived (Zipped) file containing the short e-book that explains 'How to become a drum-instructor'. It also contains a special (internal) link at the end of the short e-book that will allow you to print my lessons while online. Those printable lessons may also be installed on your own computer for offline, printing. See and download the special (printm.zip) download, below.

    If you are confused about zipped or archived files, see the brief tutorial above, for Manipulating and Using this file type.

    DOWNLOAD #2b: (printm.zip). By downloading this special file and unzipping it, you will discover that these particular lessons will print more accurately than the newer online files will print. This is an older, simpler version of the 125 lesson course. The web page lessons are simpler, flatter and do not contain marginal clutter, CSS confusion, etc. They will (should) print well enough so that you can select a lesson; teach it to your student; then print a copy for them to take home and study.

  2. DOWNLOAD #3:
    MUSICAL TIME: FINITE TO INFINITY. This 7 chapter e-book is the crowning achievement of my playing and teaching career. The knowledge it contains is deep, penetrating and yet amazingly simple. It is now available in many e-book formats.

    Finite to Infinity: 3a This original html (zipped) version is still the best in my opinion. It works on Macintosh computers or PCs.

    Finite to Infinity: 3a1. This is the .exe version, exclusive (no brainer) for PCs, (Filename: sigpac01.exe).

    Finite to Infinity: 3b. This is the Kindle (fin.mobi) version.

    Finite to Infinity: 3c. This is the Nook (fin.epub) version.

    Finite to Infinity: 3d. This is the Adobe Reader (fin.pdf) version.

    Finite to Infinity: 3e. This is the Sony Reader (fin.lrf) version.

    Finite to Infinity: 3f. This is the Handheld (fin.pdb) version for various Hand-held devices.

  3. DOWNLOAD #4: Seeds of Rhythm - For Parents of PreSchoolers.

  4. DOWNLOAD #5a: Old Drums Into New Money. For PCs only. This download is (Filename: 'Olddrums.exe'). It's an .exe file. If your device can't handle .exe files, it won't work. This file is approximately 514 kb or one-half a megabyte.

    "Old Drums Into New Money: #5b. Zipped version. Should work on any device with a browser, that can extract (unzip) a zipped file. After unzipping, look for and load index.html. It's a quick read that could lead to a lot of work and (some) money. Don't expect to get rich at this. However; there is some money to be made.


    spacerx img Copyright Bill Powelson 1965-1994-2008-2014 @ all rights reserved.

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