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All the course downloads are at the 'Members Only' Password site. Each of the (e-book) additional 4 courses you see advertised in the right column and at the bottom (here), will be setup so you'll be able to study them immediately online, or save (download) them to your own computer.

There are 5 individual and separate COURSE downloads. The Main 125 lesson course is also a download. All are only available only at the "Members" password site. Donate and become a member!

Everything! All the courses you see advertised over in the column and at the bottom, are also free and immediately accessible for online study and/or as downloads, at the Members Only Password site.

What will you do if you are slowly working through the free lessons on the free lesson menus and I get hit by a truck and this web site ceases to exist? If you have the download, it will all be on your computer and it will all look exactly as it looks here online. You'll be able to continue studying it all, hassle free. There may be 6 months to two or three years worth of study here. I'm currently 72 years old. Do the math and the odds! . . . You'll WANT all this on your own computer!

I wish everything could be free here, but the donations are essential for keeping the site above water and paying its own way. It has been proven that people simply will NOT donate at all, if EVERYTHING is free. I'm simply too poor myself, to teach you for FREE and pay these expenses too. Let's be real!

This site needs revenues to survive! If the donations do not come in, this bundle of amazing courses may cost you $500 the next time you visit. Believe me! This knowledge would cost you several thousand in my private classes. The donation fee is currently only $45 (US) for everything! Become a member! You won't find a better bargain anywhere. Please donate!

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