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WELCOME, To Bill Powelson's, STUDYDRUMS.com . . .

This is a complete (6 month to two-year) course in drumset techniques. It is absolutely FREE, with no tricks, gimmicks or sign-ups! Just visit, CLICK and LEARN FAST!

This link will lead you directly to the start of the free lessons, designed for beginner through intermediate to semi-advanced students. The remainder of the page (below) will hopefully help orient, encourage and get everyone started on the right footing.

What you are seeing here will rival all the expensive (shrink-wrapped and packaged) drum set lessons you might take anywhere in the world, (privately or via the web). These lessons are structured for absolute beginners thru ultra-advanced. These exact 125-lessons, are the very same lessons you would study, if you came to me for private drum instruction in my studios, at the current rate of $50 per hour.

Sure! These courses COULD (and probably SHOULD) be burned onto 100 CDs and DVDs, then shrink-wrapped, to sell for up to $500 a pop. My goal here is NOT ABOUT MONEY! My goal is to help the less fortunate! It's about leaving the World better than I found it. There is no other catch!

I will ask for no personal info. I do not track you. I do none of that. These lessons are here for free and for those who are wise enough and lucky enough to find, then study them .

If you prefer to see a $300 - to $500 package arrive via the overland mail-system, you'll find plenty of entrepreneurs ready to take your money. Go for it, if that's what makes you comfortable . . .

Come back here when you are actually ready to learn! I beg you to investigate my claims very carefully. You'll will discover that all this is at least two times better than ANYTHING on the market . . . and at NO cost! I'm not trying to sell you ANYTHING! I want you to have it for free. My reasoning goes MUCH deeper than money. Please read on . . .

Do the math! (125 lessons X $50 = $6,250.00 USD.)
I have been teaching and playing drums longer than most of you (or my competitors) have been alive. It is all truly and honestly free here, (though you may occasionally be asked to donate . . . so that this valuable resource might pay it's own expenses).

If you were to study these drum set lessons privately with me, you would receive these lessons one-at-a-time, weekly, in thirty-minute sessions, over (an average) two-year period of time.

Here, many people can ace this complete course in 6-months or less, because they can study as often as they choose, and at any time of the day!

I've gathered all this knowledge over a life-long, 50+ year (night and day) double-career, as a working pro-drummer (by night), and teacher (by day). Some of this knowledge was VERY difficult to obtain! It wasn't in any of the books. Most of it still isn't, though it SHOULD be the bench-mark standard.

80% of the material in this course, was learned onstage, (in front of many crowds), and under intense pressure. Also; many of the best lessons in this course were slowly designed and re-designed hundreds of times, in the private teaching studios, as I helped other students struggle with the same problems and techniques that had puzzled me as a student! Slowly . . . over the many years since the mid-1960's, those students and I have found countless ways to make all this sooooo much easier, faster and totally efficient.

Pro-drummers everywhere should have learned most of this material the way I'm teaching it here; but this stuff just been hasn't available, all in one place . . . until now.

My vow is to avoid commercializing this material. I want to leave this knowledge behind, after I've gone on. I want it to survive my own existence on this planet, because it needs to be readily available. I'm now looking for ways to keep it all free indefinitely, long after I'm gone. (Much will depend on whether or not your donations will allow for it to earn it's own keep.)

Now that I'm reaching old age, I fully realize what a tragic waste it is, when such hard-learned knowledge follows ANY older-person to the grave. It obstructs the evolution of knowledge itself! When that happens, it means that society will continue to be stuck in the mud, re-inventing the wheel, over and over again . . . until someone else finds a way to leave the precious knowledge burned into the sands of time, so that those who follow will have it early enough in their careers, to build upon. That is what motivates me.

It is my hope that what you will learn from me here, will escalate and accelerate the future evolution of modern music completely. Yes! The secrets you will learn from me here could cause you (or at least some of you) to become the iconic innovators of future music styles. Much of the knowledge you will gain here isn't available ANYWHERE but here and it is very explosive knowledge.

You may scoff at that, until you have actually discovered what I'm taking about. (Skeptics will be happily proven wrong, if they will simply investigate, study and learn.)


It is my sincere hope that it will find and help you. If this material can save anyone from some of the frustrations and ignorance that I've encountered on my own 50+ year 'journey to enlightenment', it'll make me feel as though I've done my part to make the world a better place, in some small way.


I will never stoop to using sleazy-tricks, to weasel your money out of you. If you do see something that you want or need . . . PLEASE DONATE TO RECEIVE IT.

Just the $6,250.00 worth of FREE lessons within this complete course in drum set techniques will save you the equivalent of 30 or 40 years of maddening frustration. You'll save thousands of dollars, and YEARS of wasted time. That's my promise to you. Those who DO donate will gain much, much more than they expect. I'll hand them a guaranteed future, on a platter, (several different ways).

Some of this material has been online since 1995. (Yes, I was the first to teach a complete course in drum set techniques here on the web; . . . while most of the quick-buck-kids were still in diapers.)

Only the best of the best lessons have made the cut, here. All this has been done in order to save you from searching book after book and/or beating your brains out, getting it the hard way.

You will not find a faster, EASIER, more efficient grouping of drumming courses anywhere in the World. The proof will show in the pudding, from the first lesson to the last. So, if you are the least bit curious or serious about drumming as a hobby or profession: THIS IS THE PLACE TO STUDY!

It doesn't matter if you are a curious air-drummer or a famous, master-monster hero-drummer playing on the World scene. I have plenty to show you! Believe it! You will leave with more than you had when you arrived, if you'll pay attention. Just find an interesting place to dig-in; then GET STARTED.

Incidentally; all who hope to acquire (or maintain) drumming-hero status should read "Musical Time: Finite to Infinity" It will more than triple ANY MUSICIAN'S store of rhythm knowledge. It is a short 7-lesson course that will eventually help create entirely new and sensational rhythmic innovations within the modern music world. It is all new and original knowledge that places all past and current drumming knowledge into the shadows. I think of it as a road-map to the future of modern music styles. It contains obvious new eras of completely different genres' of music. If you think everything has already been done in music, think again! We have barely scratched the surface of what is to come. You will need to read the book to know exactly what I mean. You will agree as you finish, two short hours later.

Beginner to Advanced Students:

Simply follow the lessons, beginning on Lesson Menu #1. It will all be explained as you go. Most of the info contained here is NOT in the many books and study methods you'll encounter elsewhere. THIS is the stuff you'll learn the hard way, onstage, usually in-front of a crowd. If you don't get it here, your learning experience will most likely turn into a 30 or 40 year project, as you try to learn it the hard way, (as I and so many others have done).

You do not need a drum set, nor drum sticks to begin!


Just tap on your computer desk, (or the arms of your chair) and pat your (right) foot on the floor. You will need access to recorded music of your choosing. You will be learning to play the DRUMSET, using the same movements we (working) drummers use at a real drum set, on the gigs we play. You will be learning to play along with all the same music you'll hear playing around you every day, but you'll do it as you sit there at the computer desk. At least until you prove to yourself (by the 4th lesson) that you do qualify as one who should buy drums and go for it with gusto. You will know it instinctively by the end of lesson #4. If you aren't jamming with every song you hear by then, it may be cause for worry.

From that day forward, as you hear any song playing on the radio, jukebox, CDs, tapes, youtube, movies, etc., etc.; You'll learn to habitually listen, analyze, then play ANY song, instantly.

You'll also quickly and easily discover that you do not need a drumset or sticks to learn. The formulas for doing that are all here in these lessons, and you may never find all these secrets anywhere else . . . all in one place.

Once you've learned to study and practice MY way, you'll discover how to MAKE EVERY IDLE MOMENT, A PRACTICE MOMENT . . . no matter where you are. This secret is the ONE secret that will virtually guarantee your success as a drummer!

You are about to learn to practice the way all pro drummers practice (24/7/365) when they are away from their own drumsets. If you do NOT learn to practice this way, (without drums), I doubt you'll ever become truly successful, anyway. This is the way all pro drummers do it! As a matter of fact; this one secret is their secret to success. I doubt though, if you have ever read or heard much about this method of practice at all. It's really just so practical and such a simple matter of common-sense, that most teachers never think to tell you about it.


As you sit in any chair, your right knee becomes your hi-hat, your left knee becomes your snare, and as you pat your right foot on the floor, it simulates the bass drum. Practicing this way develops the needed muscles and coordination in the same way as if you were sitting behind a $2,000 drum set. It may not be nearly as much fun, but you can learn 95% of the techniques this way. It means you can prove to yourself that you have talent, before spending a fortune on equipment. You'll get the hang of it in the first few lessons of the course.

A little later in the course, once you are successful with the early lessons, I'll show you how to save a bundle on your drumset equipment. But, that's for later! First, you will need to successfully coordinate the movements, and connect those movements to the music, as you listen to your favorite recordings, (CDs, tapes, etc.).

Further down on lesson menu #1, we'll discuss a myriad of ways you can save a fortune on equipment and completely fulfill all your drumming dreams, without dropping a bundle of your hard earned dollars, rubles, or pesos. My objective here is to help you make it all happen, the easiest, fastest, most thorough, and least costly way possible, ANYWHERE on earth!

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BEGINNERS should simply start at the beginning.

No matter how long you have been playing, or what levels you may have achieved, there is something here for just about everyone. Surely you will gain some new and useful knowledge.

As you work your way down lesson menu #1, the techniques to be learned will increase in difficulty, but almost all the lessons in this course (95%) can be practiced without a drum set, right there on the desktop, or the arms of your chair. Later, once you do acquire a drum set, you'll amaze yourself (and your friends) at how professional you will sound. You can learn to do 95% of this without spending a dime. So . . . quit whining, daydreaming, and procrastinating. Get started right now!

  1. BEGINNING DRUMMERS: Take the. . .DRUMMERS APTITUDE TEST,now. Learn to jam with your first song. As you do that, you'll discover that you've just learned to jam with more than 50 million songs.

    It's true! You will learn to jam and play along with more than 50 million songs as you complete that first lesson. Once you realize just how easy it is, you'll know without a doubt that you have the talent and special aptitude needed, to become a working pro-drummer. If you don't 'get it' right away, keep trying! It's a simple matter of repeat, repeat, repeat, then learn to listen DEEPER (for the drums) within EVERY song you'll hear from that day forward. It'll just happen, if you've mastered the beat and if you can hear the drums within the music.

    If you DO encounter trouble with the first lesson, it may mean that the Seeds of Rhythm have not yet become rooted in your mind and listening habits. Take this link to plant that essential seed. It will (or should) grow rapidly as you LEARN TO HABITUALLY, LISTEN . . . LIKE A DRUMMER.

  2. INTERMEDIATE STUDENTS: I recommend that you should at least look over Lesson #3 (Lesson Menu #1) , (the 5 BASIC BEATS) before for moving any deeper into the course. If you can repeat all five of those patterns from memory and recognize them within the music playing around you everyday, then you are at least an Intermediate drummer. Study any lesson that interests you after that.

    If you are somewhat confused as to which lessons you should study first . . . Click the following KNOWLEDGE ASSESSMENT lesson. Learn to assess your own personal 'current knowledge level', then plan your own directions through this course. You may not need ALL these lessons! There's nothing more frustrating than wasting time, studying lessons you do not need.

  3. ADVANCED, INTERMEDIATE AND PROFESSIONAL drummers may want to skip the basics! Click here for some suggested ideas as to what you should study first. Or . . . visit all the Lesson Menus at the top of every web page, then make your own determinations!

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spacerx img "The teacher, of indeed wise, does not bid you to enter their
spacerx img house of wisdom, but leads you through the threshold of your own mind"-Kahil Gibran.

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To meet Bill Powelson the drum teacher and author, go to . . . Bill's Bio.

This is a completely free course of drum set instruction. My objective at this web site is to provide the absolute BEST free drum instruction in the World. Money is NOT the prime objective here. I have no advertising budget at all. If content is still king here on the web, you will find this web site easily. If not, then we both lose. I suppose we can then legitimately blame the advertising-oriented search-engines, or your own haste. If you are reading this, you have found what you were searching for.

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