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You'll quickly discover that my many years (45 as a teacher and 63 as a drummer) are more than evident within these web pages. It isn't about HOW MANY lessons; it's about the QUALITY of the lessons. It's about following a method that is years ahead of all the others. It's about discovering (within the first four lessons), what many pro-drummers and TEACHERS do NOT know (yet) after their own long years of study. It's about studying the right material in the beginning that sows the initial SEED that will cultivate and develop that NATURAL ABILITY within you. That special ability is the prerequisite that consistently produces greater results and greater drummers; with just HALF the time and effort . . . and as a bonus you'll enjoy 10-times the FUN.

Isn't that what you are searching for? Read on; this little blurb may be the MOST IMPORTANT drum lesson you will ever take.


Actually, I'll help you discover it within yourself. I hope to quickly show you (the student) where the FUN is, and if I can help you discover it quickly and easily (within four specific lessons), you will explode like a Daisy-Cutter in a NATURAL way. I want to show how to bring your own innate natural ability to the surface to become a major part of your future learning experience.

There are drummers and then there are NATURAL drummers. I will be showing you in the next paragraphs, how to become a NATURAL, if you aren't one already.

As a career drum teacher (45 years) I've discovered many unique and different ways to cultivate and grow the NATURAL "Seeds of Rhythm" that often lay dormant indefinitely.

Within the next few paragraphs, before you take your first actual lesson, I hope to implant those seeds into your mind, heart and soul. What you'll learn right now (on this web page below), is the one 'magic pill' that WILL create a working professional drummer 9 times in 10.

My somewhat different and unique methods of teaching have developed and evolved over many long (and wonderful) years of private tutoring with literally thousands of great students, ages 4 to 84. Most of my very best lessons come from the stage and the (literally) hundreds of bands I've worked with. I hope you are as eager to learn as I am to teach.

NOTE: Advanced (working) drummers may not need the upcoming lesson (below). You may want to click away to the more advanced free lessons. Tackle my unique soloing methods of instruction. Study the free drum solo lessons or bass syncs. Or; pick a lesson from one of the menus . . . and dig in.

However; if you aren't already a working-pro drummer, you will be wise to stay with me! This may be the very lesson you may have missed along the way. That's why it's here, before any of the real lessons have begun. What's coming-up on this page may be the most important lesson of all.

Some are people born with the natural drumming instinct and some aren't. However, that instinct can be easily taught to anyone at almost any age. It's a simple matter of training the individual to listen and think like a drummer, habitually.

NATURAL DRUMMING can easily be taught if the student will simply acknowledge and follow along with a simple, fun and easy, system of DRUMMER SPECIFIC . . . listening-habits.

Drumming becomes natural when the student learns to habitually and chronically 'LISTEN' to music with both ears in the same special way that ALL DRUMMERS LISTEN . It's a special listening habit that a great musician and teacher instilled into me, when I was just 9 years old. I remember it as THE pivotal moment of my life and career. . . . It's the SEED of all rhythm and YOU are about to learn it.

The trick to becoming a NATURAL is learning to habitually listen, with a deeper, more intense laser-focus, to the drums specifically, deep within EVERY song that we hear.

Make it a lifetime habit to blot-out and ignore almost everything else that's going on as any song plays. It's a habit of mental analysis. As drummers, we routinely (as a matter of habit), listen for the specific tones of each drum in the set. We try to imagine WHICH drum is being hit. We even try to imagine which hands and which limbs are doing the hitting. This isn't something you do once or twice, then say, "Okay. I can do that!" It is to become a ritual for life. It's becomes something that's irresistible . . . any time a song anywhere . . . enters your ears.


  1. As drummers, we (habitually) listen primarily for the bright, crisp, snappy sound of the SNARE drum. Then we clap, (slap or beat) along, . . . IN-TIME . . . with it.
  2. We also (habitually) listen specifically for the thud sound, of the BASS drum and we pat our foot in-time, usually with our RIGHT FOOT, (unless we are a southpaw).

We develop those two things as a HABIT. It grows like Cancer, the more we do it! As we do those two simple things, we are officially drumming! It's possible to hold an entire band together with just that, and nothing else! It's only a beginning and we're playing a rather lame beat; but that is the beginnings of the natural drummer. It's where we start! It soon becomes an obsession we can't resist! Everything else in music is based around that steady, hypnotic beat-flow. We must 'feel it' deeply and profoundly. Our deepening sensitivity or feel for the flow of the beat in each and every song is the very thing that will eventually propel the student drummer towards professional status.

There's a real special kick or an emotional rush that occurs as we lock-on to the tempo of a song and hold it. It's almost hypnotic! At that point, all the immensely deeper complexities of rhythmic-creativity begin unraveling and making total sense, on a near sub-conscious level.

FOR EXAMPLE: We hear the recorded drummer do a fancy roll or fill around the set and we visualize where h/she is going with it. We realize . . . "Hey, I can do that!". Then the next time we hear the song, we do something very similar as the drummer does that roll again.

Pow! It's a total gas when we connect; follow through; and come out of the fill . . . still IN-TIME with the beat flow of the music. We're immediately hooked for life. It isn't about money, career or dreams. It's just about the thrill of locking-on and connecting while staying IN-TIME with the music.

Without feeling that beat-flow deeply and intensely; no amount of lessons or fancy shrink-wrapped courses are going to get us where we dream to go. The "dream" begins right there in the above paragraphs. Without that, there won't be any dream.

Those listening habits must be developed and cultivated to a point of daily, hourly, routine habit. As any song begins to play; we find the beat. Our foot finds the Bass drum and we clap or beat the furniture, along with the snare. Once that begins to occur routinely, all the enigmas and complexities of the deeper rhythms begin to materialize as common-sense logic. They become exposed as the simplicities they are, illuminating the fact that rhythm is actually primal. It's basic in human nature. We all have it (I believe). It's just that some discover it and some do not.

It's all about that routine listening-habit! It becomes a thing we can't stop doing after awhile. It can often be embarrassing in social situations, because we find that no matter what is happening around us, if there is a song playing, we simply MUST find the beat and tap along in-time with it! Being in-time becomes a compulsion or a near addiction; much like dancing. It's about really feeling the flow of the music completely; allowing the natural (rhythmic) flow to occur within our own imagination and soul! It's absolutely and mesmerizingly compelling, once we find and FEEL the FUN that is: "THE SEEDS OF ALL RHYTHM".

Natural ability becomes an unstoppable force from that point on. It's also a sign that we will become a drummer for life; no matter how many beautiful drum sets we leave behind at various pawn shops.

You've probably known or met a natural drummer at one time or another. The natural drummer is the drummer who can hear a song, ANY SONG and play it instinctively while hearing it for the very first time in their life. There is a science to that.

How do we do it?

It's actually very simple. Some learn to do it without ever taking a lesson or studying a book.

All music follows patterns! If we listen deeply enough and intensely enough we'll hear and remember those patterns. They repeat! We listen for those patterns to a point where we 'feel' them to the core of our soul, and we hear them repeating over and over in our minds. Soon after that, we catch fire . . . and the rest will often come intuitively and amazingly EASY. Actually, drumming is all about remembering those patterns; rhythm patterns that may be acquired two different ways:

  1. We can patiently wait (sometimes years) for the intuitive creative logic to flow, until one day we learn to imitate and manipulate the patterns (beats and rolls) occurring within the music. We then discover how to execute the correct (beat and roll) patterns (by ear) at the drum set, in-time with the music, as needed for the various songs we are hearing and trying to play, whether it be Fatback, Blues, Jazz or ANY genre we prefer.

  2. OR . . . (we can learn it the EASIER AND BETTER way): We can discover exactly and specifically the precise patterns we need, from someone who already knows; someone who has lived in those trenches for a life-time.

You have found that person! You will discover it completely within the first 4 lessons . . . on Lesson Menu #1. From that point on, you will very quickly discover the NATURAL ability to play-along with virtually ANY song from Lesson #4, on. The more you play for fun (with or without a drum set), the more awesome you will become . . . NATURALLY!

What you will learn in those first few lessons will illustrate the MAJOR differences of quality-experienced-instruction as compared with expensive quick-buck methods you may find elsewhere. Those quick-buck methods may often be designed by TEAMS of entrepreneurial geniuses with a deeper focus on relieving you of your hard-earned dollars, than actually teaching you what you REALLY need to learn.


These streamlined, easier (and free lessons) prove themselves almost instantly from the very beginning; but only if you're wise enough lo follow them. I know exactly what I'm doing. I know exactly what you need to learn. I've devoted 50-years of my life designing all this for you (one-student-at-a-time) and I'm willing (virtually compelled) to teach most of it for free.

So I ask; why would anyone be foolish enough to pay $300 to study 300 lessons, if the learning process can be accomplished more efficiently within 150 easier-to-follow and MORE FUN lessons, at absolutely NO cost? Think about it!

If you simply want to see a shrink-wrapped package arrive in the U.S. mail, fine! Send me $300 and I'll wrap these courses all in plastic and put them in the mail tomorrow. The truth is, if you are serious about learning to play drums and enter the profession, (quickly and easily); this is it!

These lessons are all digital and instantly downloadable! (No waiting for the mail-truck to arrive.) They're available to your door, instantly, right now , , , today!

Hey! If you want to see all this on 10 or 20 disks, then kill an hour or two downloading it to 20 (or 100) disks and call it a $300 dollar course! (Actually, the street value of this course would cost you closer to $500 if I wasn't compelled by some higher force to give it to you free.)

Aging and experience does funny things to our conscience as we grow older. We begin to realize that success in life isn't about money at all. It's about what we leave behind . . . and being REMEMBERED for it.

Anyway; you've found what you were searching for! Get crackin'!

I don't ask for sign-ups, e-mail-info or anything. I don't do tracking. I won't be tossing spam at you, reminding you to give me your money! None of that will happen here. If you want to learn, do it! Click and go there immediately. You can become a pro-drummer with just the lessons that are free. But; if you DO donate and become a member of this little family, to get the extras; you'll become a literal, rhythm-guru! My best stuff is in the e-books: ESPECIALLY, "Musical Time: Finite to Infinity"!

"Finite to Infinity" is the crowning-achievement of my entire 62-year teaching and playing career! It is truly worth the minimum donation fee, all by itself! Between the late 90s and 2008, (when these lessons were commercialized) it sold like hotcakes for $75. It's now free with membership and available for all digital reading formats like Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc., etc.. Every musician alive today needs to study it!

That one little e-book may possibly help launch the (currently lost) rhythms of the music-world (and you) 500-years into the future. Yes, it is that powerful and it is barely a two-hour read. What you will learn there, is currently lost knowledge . . . especially for drummers, though it's equally important to ALL musicians! The crucial elements of rhythm became lost in the birthing of the time-signature system, over 500 years ago. If you do not read Finite to Infinity, you'll lose. It may be more important (to drummers especially) than all the drumming courses ever to be written and promoted.

The full scope and complete scale of ALL rhythm does NOT emerge intuitively (or even intellectually) within the frighteningly enigmatic time-signature-system as it has been taught for the past 500 years. It's all so easy too, but the crucial elements of instruction weren't and have not ever been included, until now . . . Read ABOUT it! You'll see what I mean!

"Musical Time: Finite to Infinity" is currently only available through me. You will NOT find this amazing knowledge of ALL RHYTHM, via any other teacher. What you'll learn about beat-patterns and song-beat-structures within this easy to follow two-hour-study, will completely rock your rhythmic foundations to the core.

Yes, it WILL eventually change the evolution of music forever, as it becomes more widely known. That's an obvious fact with which you will surely agree, once you read and understand its 'revolutionary' content. All music educators and music-teachers from college level professors to grade school, should read it! It is absolutely revolutionary. Some 'traditionalists' will even want to debate it; but their debates will fall flat! Proof is truth! The (beautiful) math involved proves itself, exposing the current time-signature-system as the arcane and trite system it has always been for 500 years, since its early design.

So, . . . E-mail me. Get to know me! Ask for help! No matter what level of ability you have reached; whether you are a beginner or a kick-butt, working pro, I can help. I enjoy helping. It's what I do. It's what I've always done. It's why I'm here. I do it because I love it . . . and NOT for the money. I do it, because I don't want to take this lifetime of knowledge with me when I go. I prefer to leave it all, easily and inexpensively accessible for future generations to build upon. You'll know within the first five lessons, that you are on-track, by the speed and ease with which you will learn. You will learn the rudiments and rolls my FUN way. You'll learn to read music notation almost without knowing you are learning to read. My years of experience will help you make it a painless and FUN journey towards your wildest dreams.


  1. BEGINNERS: should begin with the Aptitude Test at the top of Lesson Menu #1 and follow through the prescribed lessons. Each lesson (beginning with that one), provides a LINK that leads to the next lesson you should take. Look for those LINKS at the bottom of each lesson. Once you fully comprehend the 5 Basic Beats and have begun jamming with thousands of songs, feel free to take any lessons that interest you; . . . AS they interest you. After the basic dance beats and maybe a few basic rolls, there is no specific direction that needs to be followed. Follow your curiosities and study what interests you most.
  2. INTERMEDIATE STUDENTS who already read a little, should take the lessons that interest you most. However; if you can't name and play (from memory) the FIVE BASIC DANCE BEATS, you should begin there (lesson #4 on Lesson Menu #1). They are the specific, extremely crucial rhythm patterns that will lead to the materialization of all the deeper rhythmic complexities you are seeking. Everything! Funk, Fatback, all the Rap, Hip Hop, Punk, Jazz and everything in-between, will always be rooted in those five beats, (with the exception of 3/4 Waltzes and a few odd-time patterns that will emerge with complete clarity in "Finite to Infinity").
  3. ADVANCED STUDENTS: Satisfy your personal interests. You probably already know what you need to learn. There are more than 125 lessons within the four Free Lesson Menus. Explore them all. You will find plenty! Check out Finite to Infinity! Discover 18 quintillion songbeats and permutations.
NOTE: That's every potential beat pattern in the entire musical universe! It's an engrossing 2-hour read that you will forever refer to as the most illuminating 2-hours you've ever experienced in one sitting. It's a different approach, like seeing the forest from above. It plants the beat structures in your mind and imagination in a special way. You WILL jamm and play from a new, more creative and knowledgeable perspective forever-after. In a word, it'll elevate you to rhythm-guru status.

There are actually FIVE SEPARATE DRUMMING COURSES available here. They would ALL be free if I thought that a few of you would pony-up and donate. I already know you won't do that . . . (without a little convincing). So, as we go I'll try to convince you to invest a few extra pennies to help secure your own future drumming knowledge, while helping to keep these courses available for those in 3rd World countries who really can't afford this sort of help. I routinely give all these courses to those who are impoverished; but it costs money to keep all this online an available, (not to mention the 9 million man-hours it takes to keep it high in the search engines). Be aware! Search engines are becoming more and more money-oriented. Content was once king, back in the 90s! These days, Ad-sense appears to be king. My greatest fear for you, is that you will never find me. I don't have an advertising budget. That's how and why this is all free.

Incidentally, I also do a benefactor thing here. If YOU do donate, you may also choose one worthy person to give the entire course to. I'll let YOU CHOOSE the person we help. In a way, it's a DOGO deal. (Donate-One, Get-One FREE!) Just e-mail and ask, once you've made the initial donation. I'll send all these courses out to ANYONE, in your name (if you wish), as you also become a member. It's a great way to receive and give at the same time. Think of a 12 to 14-year-old who's parents can't afford expensive drum lessons. Give them full membership as you gain it for yourself.

This is a donation site, but years and experience have proven that people will grab and run, unless I hold back the BEST goodies; the BEST products and MOST USEFUL KNOWLEDGE. You'll need 'Finite to Infinity' whether you know it or not. It's the sort of thing you won't appreciate until AFTER you've read it. It's the (mathematical) Gospel of rhythm and musical time as declared by the Big Bang itself!

Be sure to check-out all the other courses available here; and the ridiculously low, one-shot-bundle, minimum-donation that will quickly help transport ALL my 63 years of (playing/teaching) knowledge and experience into your mind, imagination and drumming abilities.

Meanwhile, go for the abundant freebies contained in lesson-menus 1, 2, 3 and 4. Try to consider the years involved with this humble effort. (I've just recently opened all these lessons to the public.) If you can afford it, please help. If the donations do not arrive, I'll either close-off half the free lessons . . . or I'll turn this whole thing into a $500 shrink-wrapped package!

If you believe that knowledge should be free, then help KEEP it free with a donation. Someone must pay the bills! Web sites cost money!

Should I pay out of MY pocket, to GIVE YOU $2,000 dollars worth of free knowledge? (Dream on!)

Check out all the lesson Menus at the top of every web page. You are looking at the very same lessons I teach privately at $50 per hour. What you see here are YEARS of HIGH QUALITY, private instruction, . . . totally free.

Most of all, HAVE FUN!

Here is a quote I like:
spacerx img "The teacher, of indeed wise, does not bid you to enter their
spacerx img house of wisdom, but leads you through the threshold of your own mind"-Kahil Gibran.

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