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Here, you may donate quickly without reading 10 pages of reasons why it's a great idea.

Grab your credit card and DOUBLE CLICK the "Donate" button (below).

Donate at the icon above. EVERYTHING, is easily and quickly downloadable. Your donation will be providing FREE lessons to someone you've never met, in places like India, the Philippines, or Timbuktu. Think about the value of that alone! How will it feel to add something like this to your own list of life-credits! You may choose a beneficiary or a recipient to receive membership and all these courses as you receive your own membership and all the downloads. I call it a DOGO deal. 2 for 1 donation! Donate one and get one free.

Like I said earlier! This is an INVESTMENT IN YOURSELF as well as a donation that will help serve other less privileged, eager drum students, around the World!

Believe me! This is a fantastic bargain! The knowledge contained in this online package, is absolutely priceless! These products are designed to repay your investment, a thousand times over, if you'll study all the courses; learn from them; and then act on them.

That part is up to you! Just DONATE, study, and learn! The rest will happen! Good things come to those who give.

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In a way . . . It's like giving free drum set lessons to someone you'll never know or meet, while discovering at least three NEW WAYS to make a great $$$ living behind a set of drums now; or in the very near future. Thousands of student drummers around the world will owe you a debt of gratitude, whether you pursue a drumming career or not.

Please consider: When these courses were commercialized they grossed $1500 to $2000 per month. Now, with this donation plan, it's a lucky month when the site grosses $300 per month. That just barely covers the costs of keeping it online. We desperately need your help or this site may soon cease to be free.

Yes! I'm crazy for NOT going commercial. I could throw $10,000 a month at Google ad-sense and pay other untold fortunes to advertising specialists. They would shrink-wrap everything onto 100 CD's or DVD's; then produce Hollywood-style promotional ads, all guaranteed to sell these courses like hot-cakes. It would make a LOT of money, (mostly for them)! But then; YOU would need to pay $500 for the ( SAME ) snazzier, glitzier product. <--- READ THAT TWICE!

The truth is, I'm getting older and I want it all to remain as free as possible for generations AFTER I'm gone. As we see our future, from that end-zone perspective, it takes on a whole new meaning. Successes are no longer measured in dollars. Maybe, I enjoy the happiness the FREE factor brings to me and others as well. Or; maybe I'm just crazy? Just the same, this course will remain free, (paid for by donations) . . . or it will disappear. If CONTENT is really still king with the search-engine crowd, this resource will be here a long, long time. If it is soon to disappear, you very well SHOULD donate and get it downloaded NOW. Once it's gone . . . it'll just be gone.

Just do it! Add this to your lifelong list of 'credits'. It's just one way you can better yourself . . . while making the World a better place for everyone else at the same time! You'll receive 'same day' access to ALL the products and downloads as soon as I receive Paypal notification of your donation.

NOTE: You do not have to be a Paypal member to have them process your credit card. Simply enter the info and click 'Submit".

BUT . . . If you ARE a Paypal member, you may just login to your Paypal account. Click on 'Send Money', then send the desired amount, to: Bill Powelson, drums02@earthlink.net

Incidentally, you may enter ANY donation amount at the secure form. If you can only afford $20, then donate $20. I'll probably honor it. If you want to donate $1,000 I certainly won't complain. Please help.

Bill Powelson

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You'll get it ALL with a quick and easy $45 (US) Donation:

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  1. Password authorization to more than 125 secret website lessons, most with video!
  2. Dowloadable! Place it on a CD or DVD if you wish.
  3. "Old Drums Into New Money"
  4. 78 (or more) archived newsletter lessons.
  5. Finite to Infinity (Time Signature and Permutation Theory)
  6. Drum Instructor's Guide.
  7. Guide for Parents of Pre-schoolers. Teaching toddlers!
  8. UNLIMITED e-mail personal help anytime you need it.
  11. TOTAL, 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If your aren't totally thrilled, I'll refund every penny.

I do hope to pass this web site along to my heirs after I'm gone, if it is still paying it's own way. I'm now well into my 70s. I would hope to see it stay online forever. But if doesn't pay its way, it'll fade to black, when I do. However; if it is paying its own way, it'll more or less go on automatic, (I hope, forever).

Much will depend on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask.

I know it's a lot to ask, but good link-backs to this site will influence the search-engines more than anything. If you can provide link-backs to this free public web site, please do it. A good link-back is probably MORE valuable to the future of this web site than the donations! Therefore; ANYONE who can provide a link-back to will qualify as a paid member, as long as I can beat a drum. I'll promise you free access to everything!

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Excellent and totally FREE drumset lessons online (no tricks or gimmicks). Beginner thru Ultra-Advanced lessons will help anyone quickly achieve Monster Drummer status. Bill Powelson's Homestudy Institute of Drums at: <a href="http://www.studydrums.com">WWW.STUDYDRUMS.COM</a>

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After you've added the above link to your web site, notify me by e-mail and inform me where you've placed the link. I'll send you your passwords and free access to everything.

These lessons need to be easily accessible to everyone, indefinitely! You can help make that happen with a donation or a link-back. I know in my heart that it's the easiest, fastest and BEST way on earth to learn and develop the art of drumming. You will too, if you study these free lessons.

HOW TO BECOME A MEMBER FOR FREE: Certain individuals are given free access to everything at this web site INCLUDING ALL THE MEMBERSHIP PERKS (like the e-book advertised above). It depends on the economics in which you live. I often allow free membership to anyone out there who lacks the living standards that others (some of us in the U.S.) tend to take for granted. This idea will sound a bit strange to some and other sleazebags may take advantage just to get something for free, but I still want to try it.

Send me (via e-mail) your actual street address, city and country, wherever you live. I'll visit Google Earth's (amazing street level maps) and I'll know by just looking at your house and neighborhood, whether or not you qualify. In other words, this offer is for the truly poor and disadvantaged. If I feel you qualify, I'll send passwords to everything . . . INCLUDING ALL THE MEMBER PERKS via regular mail (or possibly e-mail). However; If you live in a $60,000 (plus) home and a nice neighborhood, forget it. You'll be wasting my time and your own. Pony-up or do without. All these perks (combined) have a street value of well over $500. If you are too frugal to help others by donating the already discounted membership fee, . . . then . . .: Well, you get the idea, don't you?

Yes! I'm giving all of these
valuable courses to some lucky
people for free. Click to see if you qualify.

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