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1. DRUMMING IMAGINATION: How to cultivate, develop, and carry it with you for life.


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There's always a drum set in front of you,every minute of every day. Every desktop, tabletop or dashboard, is a potential drumset . . . if we'll simply use our imagination.

If we enjoy the movement of two fingers (and two toes ) . . . we can always practice. Imagination may be the single-most-important key-ingredient, to playing drums!

Learn, when away from the drums. That's the time to do all those really boring and difficult rudimental, and 4-way coordination, repetition-exercises!

It's also a great time to learn to pull the best and most-imaginative percussive tones from any object!

Would you believe that it's possible to make a cardboard-box sound better than some $5000 drumsets? It's all up to the player and not the quality of the instrument.

This is totally true!

Challenge yourself to see how many different tones you can PULL from any object that may dare to be within striking-distance, haha . . . It'll be a fun and productive challenge.

The true dynamics of drumming is hidden within the above challenge. Dynamics . . . is the thing that keeps us all from sounding exactly alike, and it's the key to imaginative, innovative, melodic solos.

Enjoy nothing but fun when you are finally behind the drumset. Do the real work, when you are away from the drums. These rules (above) will multiply your real-drumset drumming fun exponentially.

All successful drummers learn this early . . . and they carry it with them for life. It may be the major ingredient to drumming success.

Now, in 2002 I'm 60 . . . But, I still do ALL my tedious repetitions in front of the boob-tube (or while waiting for mama to do her shopping at Wal-Mart.) Then . . . once I get behind the real drums . . . I fry 'em! That's the time to put all those NEW, hard-learned techniques to work, in A fun, imaginative jam . . .

Pick up this habit . . . it's a no-fail tip! Actually . . . you may not succeed without it!

What's wrong with this tip?
I'm hoping you already knew it, That's what!

Hopefully, this note may help you recognize it, for what it's really worth.

Put a drumset inside your mind and carry it with you everywhere you go. Play, play, play . . . anytime you are bored.

Try this today . . .
Memorize the movements of any roll or beat you're needing to add to your arsenal of perfection. Get the moves into your mind and save the repetitious, boring practice for those moments when you are away from the real drumset. Master them as you go about your day.

THEN when you return to the drums . . . your real practice-session will be more fun than ever. Jamming will take on new life as you use the new technique(s) while playing along with your favorite recordings.

Those who whine about not having enough time to practice, now have no excuse! Learn to use your wasted moments by practicing on your brand-new, free, imaginary drum set, every day and everywhere you go.

Happy drummin'

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Here's some special help for beginning drum students:
The drum lessons at are arranged from the top-down on Lesson Menus#1, 2, 3 and #4) at the web site. They are arranged in such a way as to allow you to achieve the best possible results, in the least amount of time, while enjoying the most fun possible.

We would follow this exact same plan if you were to enroll as a private student at my private teaching studios. I use this lesson plan because it works!

You'll be wise to follow the plan, from the top-down, on Lesson Menu #1, in the (early-beginner) stages of study.

Memorize the 5 Basic Dancebeats on Lesson $4. It may be the most important drum set lesson you'll ever take!

Advanced Students . . .
Skim lightly over any material that seems too basic or too simple . . . but dig-in as the lessons begin to seem more difficult. Almost every lesson in this 125-lesson course is intended as one-week of study for the average student in private study. Some students move faster while others learn slower.

Here online, many of you may find it easy to absorb several lessons per week, while others may need several weeks on each lesson. That's the advantage of online lessons.

spacerx img___________HUMOR? ______________

spacerx img BASS PLAYER JOKE . . .

Fifteen minutes into a flight from Kansas City to Toronto, the Captain announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, one of our engines has failed but there is nothing to worry about. Our flight will take an hour longer than scheduled but we still have three engines left."

Thirty minutes later the Captain announced, "One more engine has failed and the flight will take an additional two hours, but don't worry, we can fly just fine on two engines."

An hour later the Captain announced, "One more engine has failed and our arrival will be delayed another three hours but don't worry, we still have one engine left."

A bass-player passenger turned to the drummer in the next seat and remarked . . .

"If we lose one more engine, we'll be up here all day!"

spacerx img------------------------------------------------------

Actually, this was originally a 'dumb-blonde' joke, but I happen to like blondes, so . . . I turned it into a bass-player joke. (I like bass players too, but I like blondes better, haha.)

spacerx img------------------------------------------------------

(Stolen with great respect, from 'The Humor Port' Newsletter.)

Don't click this link My best secrets are safely hidden here.

END of Tempo Dispatch #63 APR 5, 2002

Copyright Bill Powelson 2002 all rights reserved.

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