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The web page below will explain an old 'tried and true' way to simulate real drums, at little or no cost. But first . . . Some NEW TECHNOLOGY has arrived onto the market that could work even better.

THE NEW (Drum Hero) DRUM PADS (available at Best Buy and other places) can be converted to simulate a real drumset. I've seen these pad sets selling for as little as $29.95. I'm told they can be converted for use as a practice drum set. I'm pretty sure they won't last long, but as I've always said, "Any drum set is better than no drum set".

Build your own practice rig these other unique ways . . .

spacerx img Makeshift Drumsets:
Pounding on the computer desk may suffice for a few weeks, but if drums are to become a big part of your life, something must be done. You need a practice rig! I would not suggest buying a drumset until you are certain that you are going to stick with it, whether you buy it through equipment financing or not. So, maybe I should provide a few tips here, to help keep you motivated until you are sure that you want to sink your hard earned cash into a drumset.

With a bit of imagination you might assemble a few items like pots, pans, cardboard boxes, scraps of lumber, school books, trash can lids, automobile hubcaps or metal ashtrays to simulate the drumset of your dreams. Imagination is the key to it all.

Think of the object you are striking as a part of the drumset. Anything with a metallic "ring" will suffice as a cymbal. Both hollow and solid objects can produce some very interesting tom and snare drum effects. As you practice, pay particular attention to arrangement, keeping the ride cymbal on your right hand and the snare drum on your left. Always pat your right foot for the bass drum and your left foot for the hi-hat, so that when you finally have your day behind a real drumset, everything will go together correctly.

Below are a couple of unsophisticated practice rigs you can build at home for less than twenty dollars. Many professional drummers have begun on makeshift beginnings such as these. 'Real equipment' may be added and if you are not using equipment financing , one piece at a time as soon as your budget can take the strain. The bass pedal is most important so add it first, then add a ride cymbal and/or hi-hat later.

spacerx img Makeshift Drumset Diagrams

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  • Purchase a cymbal and stand or hang a trash can lid from the rafters of your garage.
  • Cardboard circles taped to 1" X 12" squares provide close simulation to actual drum head response. Old newspapers taped to the simulated snare will help to simulate the tone.
  • A Coil spring or small rubber ball under a 1" X 4" pedal footboard helps to give the feel of Bass Drum pedal. (Actual pedal would be preferred). Bass drum pedal prices range between $25.00 and $200.00. The cheapest pedal is better than no pedal at all.
  • Simulated 1" x 8" (pine) snare and toms attached on 1" X 2" crossbar with wing nut and bolt.
  • Evenly spaced holes down the backboard will allow adjustment to desired height.
  • Front legs or braces may be equipped with similar adjustments.
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    spacerx img . . . AN EASIER WAY . . .
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    Simple cardboard boxes may provide an easier way to build your practice Drumset. Simply set them up in drumset fashion and string a trash can lid from the rafters. Pat your foot on the floor if you cannot afford a bass drum pedal. This is not the most durable drum set in the world, but it is a beginning.

    NOTICE: Anyone caught laughing at my artistic masterpieces will be automatically expelled. (Just kidding!)

    Your Practice Setup:
    Routine practice with your favorite songs on records, tapes, CDs or radio is the secret to becoming a drummer. Nearly every working professional drummer will vouch for that. Drum lessons will be a total waste of time unless you learn to apply that new knowledge to music. Set your practice rig near a sound source (radio, stereo, CD player, etc.) and play along with recorded music every day. The drum lessons will make a lot more sense as you hear the beat-patterns and rolls occur within the music you love.

    Back to the Drum Lesson Menu:
    This is a complete course in drum set techniques. No Drums or sticks necessary for a very long time. Learn first . . . spend money, later. The author is a seasoned pro-drummer/teacher with over 62 teaching and playing years, to his credit. Check out ALL the lessons at this site. The objective is to help you to quickly and easily find your passion for drumming, at little or no cost. I do not track or bug you for info. This site is here to help you. Use it or watch it disappear.

    You'll find my best money-saving tip for economical practice, on the following web page:

    How to Practice . . . (No Drums or Sticks necessary.)

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