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spacerx imgLatin and Carribean Song-Beats

spacerx img "Calypso"
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Hearing it is half the challenge. Master all variations of this beat before moving on to the upcoming and more difficult Mambo and Merengue beat patterns. We will stair-step into this relatively simple beat structure. It is important to remember that Calypso is most useful in extremely quick tempos. It is commonly used as a substitute for dancebeat #5, Cut-time 2/4 and/or quarter-note 4/4.

Practice until you can play it faster than the sound file. Here you will be playing a Layover rimshot on the snare with the left hand.

As you move up to the hi-tom for that last note, use the butt of your LEFT stick, You'll be moving off the snare from the layover rimshot position directly to the tom. There will be no time to turn the stick around. It is very similar to the way we play the cha-cha song beat pattern.

VIDEO: Click here to see, and hear the above pattern using Internet Explorer.

Video: For almost all handheld devices and other browsers.

Now, begin playing two, quick 16th notes on the hi-tom. Build this to lightning speed. Listen to the final sound file to get an idea as to how fast this beat might later become with sufficient practice.

VIDEO: Click here to see, and hear a faster version.

Video: For almost all handheld devices and other browsers.

Here it is at top speed.

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