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Bill Powelson's School of Drums

* Teach your pre-schooler to play drums!
* Begin as young as 9-months of age.

Drum Set Lessons
(For Parents of)

The objective and purpose of this course is to help parents (or any adult age 12 or older), discover ways to teach drum set techniques to pre school children aged 3 and above.

Actually, the seeds of rhythmic talent and drumming may be taught at any younger age, though it will be very slow going at first.

Lesson #1 of this short course (FEELING THE BACKBEATS), can be instilled in young toddlers as young as 9 months and maybe younger. I've done it hundreds of times, and you can do it too. We do this by playing a little 'patty-cake' game with the toddler, (to be explained in lesson #2, "The Backbeat 'Patty-cake' Game".)

Lesson #1 (FEELING THE BACKBEATS), should be the quintessential first music lesson taught to any one, no matter what instrument they might choose to play at a later time in life. The seeds of all music talent will begin with the first lesson in this course, as the toddling student learns to 'feel the beat flow of a song'. This habitual 'feel' for the beat flow of music is the primary ingredient that leads to a 'natural feel' for rhythm. Without this natural feel, no student of music will do well, regardless of the money spent, or years devoted, towards learning to 'play' any musical instrument.

Incidentally, this same lesson will and 'should be' the first lesson taught to any student of 'dance', as well.

Please be aware that Buddy Rich and many other drummers began their careers at age 3 or younger. It is possible to teach any child to play drums at almost any age, though . . . the younger the student, the more patience the teacher will need.

It can't be done over-night!
First . . . We must teach 'you' the teacher. Anyone above age 12 should find this very first lesson very easy! It's a simple matter of learning to listen deeply into the music (any song) and identifying the 'backbeat flow' as the song progresses.

I've found over a 45 year career, teaching drums to all ages, that about 70% of all adults over 12, already have developed this 'natural feel' for the backbeat flow. Those who haven't developed it already, should easily do so, as they prepare themselves, to teach their pre-school student.

Let's get started! It's easier than you think.

LESSON #1: (For 'YOU' the teacher only.) Not the toddler or pre-schooler.

Simply read, and understand this next lesson. Learn to 'feel' the backbeat flow yourself. Devote some time, listening to music. Practice finding the backbeat flow of every song you'll hear . . . from now on. You may be learning to listen to music in a whole new way, here. We must plant the seeds of rhythm in YOU, first . . . so that you can then teach it, to the toddlers, and pre-schoolers in your life. You'll begin teaching your own child after absorbing THIS VERY IMPORTANT LESSON.

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